Preparing for Revival in Ireland




 Running with the Father's Heart (in Ireland) - 32 Marathons because Every County Counts

Jan 25th - Sept 21st 2019 

Herein lies both an opportunity to receive the Father God's love and to express our Father's love for Ireland.    


The present project God has placed on my heart is called ‘Running with the Father's Heart’ - 32 marathons because every county counts. This is my third time through the 32 counties. The first was a prayer walk, praying for Jesus to become the centre of our attention, so that we may become a land of saints and scholars once again. The second was visiting places of water in all the counties - rivers, loughs, islands, lighthouses, wells, fountains and waterfalls, meeting with local Christians to pray for the flow of Holy Spirit through the land. This third time, Father God is our focus, yet, as loving Father, He quickly turns the tables, making us the centre of attention, lavishing His love upon us, both for us as individuals and for our island.

When God first called me in 2009 to minister in Ireland, He said, ‘My people are praying for revival. An important key is unity. Ask them to join you in whatever I ask you to do.’ Every project God has given me therefore, I have invited Christians from all backgrounds to form the local team. This project, Running with the Father's Heart, has a special promise through a prophetic word received in 2013: ‘God will treat this third time through the 32 counties as the seventh time, a complete work. And just as the walls fell down when the Israelites marched around the walls of Jericho seven times, at the completion of this third time, the walls will fall down in Ireland.’ I wait with excitement and anticipation of what our LORD God will do.

Each marathon (one each Saturday in each of the 32 counties) is a relay event in which we pass a scroll around the island filled with the love of the Father in Bible verses. Local Christians are invited to participate, running, walking or cycling whatever distance they are comfortable with, as unity is a key to change/revival/renewal in our communities.

Each weekend, Friday evening’s meeting is a time for God's children to enjoy the Father’s love for them as individuals. Then, on Saturday, God's children become vessels through whom our Father can express His love.

Saturday 9.30 a.m. At the start line of the marathon, the scroll will be opened and declared over the county. Then, the relay marathon begins with a leader carrying the scroll (run, walk of cycle) whatever distance they desire. The scroll is then passed on in relay fashion until finally, it's given to the last person, a young person from the county. The young person goes over the finishing line and gives the scroll to the leader of the next county who will take it home and begin the journey through their county the following Saturday.

Saturday 4-5 p.m. At the finishing line, a United Worship Celebration takes place, thanking the LORD for all He has done, is doing and will do in the county. I hope different groups and choirs will attend from the county, again forming a relay in leading us in worship.

I hope you will want to join us in your county – and maybe even be willing to be vessels of the Father’s love for other counties too.

Blessings of Shalom,

Katey Moreland

The WORD of the LORD Ministries founder

+353 (0)871238774


A quick view of the 32 Father Heart weekends to be held across the island of Ireland:

1. Dublin 25-26/01/19

2. Meath 01-02/02/19

3. Kildare 08-09/02/19

4. Wicklow 15-16/02/19

5. Wexford 22-23/02/19

6. Kilkenny 01-02/03/19

7. Carlow 08-09/03/19

8. Laois 15-16/03/19

9. Offaly 22-23/03/19

10. Westmeath 29-30/03/19

11. Longford 05-06/04/19

12. Cavan 12-13/04/19

13. Monaghan 19-20/04/19

14. Louth 26-27/04/19

15. Armagh 10-11/05/19

16. Down 17-18/05/19

17. Antrim 24-25/05/19

18. Derry 07-08/06/19

19. Tyrone 14-15/06/19

20. Fermanagh 21-22/06/19

21. Leitrim 28-29/06/19

22. Roscommon 05-06/07/19

23. Tipperary 12-13/07/19

24. Waterford 19-20/07/19

25. Cork 26-27/07/19

26. Kerry 09-10/08/19

27. Limerick 16-17/08/19

28. Clare 23-24/08/19

29. Galway 30-31/08/19

30. Mayo 06-07/09/19

31. Sligo 13-14/09/19

32. Donegal 20-21/09/19


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Katey Moreland was led of the Lord to become a Christian publisher in 2013:

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