2020 Vision

Opportunity to Contribute to an Anthology of Christian Prophecy, Poetry and Song from Celtic Lands

Dear Friends,

I have been excitedly waiting for direction to invite you to contribute to the follow-up of ‘Ireland’s Heartbeat’ compiled in 2015. The Lord Jesus told me then that ‘Ireland’s Heartbeat 2015’, a book of spiritual poetry, song and prophecy was the first of a trilogy; the second should be in 2020 and the third book in 2025.

This 2020 book focuses differently from the 2015 book in two ways:

  1. It will relate not only to Ireland but to all Celtic nations – Ireland; Scotland; Wales; Isle of Man; and Celtic areas – Cornwall in England; Brittany in France; Galicia in Spain; and even Celtic neighbourhoods abroad where Celtic immigrants set up home and kept Celtic traditions, especially in the arts and worship. As in ‘Ireland's Heartbeat’, Celtics living abroad and their descendants are invited to contribute, as is anyone who has a heart for any of the Celtic nations.
  2. This 2020 book is to be a compilation of Christian prophecy, spiritual poetry and song (in that order), prophecy over each of the nations taking the lead in each section. This prophetic section will incorporate historical details of a country or region coming to faith in Jesus. I believe even the poetry and song will have a prophetic edge.

Everything God asks me to do is related to preparing God’s people for revival. Like the first Jewish believers being told to begin right where they were – Jerusalem – and then go into all Judea and Samaria, before continuing to the ends of the earth, I’m grateful to God for the plan of this trilogy (starting at where I am, in a nation I love to be a part of): 

Book 1: Ireland

Book 2: Celtic nations

Book 3: Nations of the world

Back in 2015, I expected that thirty people would contribute to the anthology but, in actual fact, those involved were nearer one-hundred. I don’t believe we will see the full value of ‘Ireland’s Heartbeat’ until all three books of this God-directed trilogy are written. I am excited to obey on the premise of that promise alone.

Those interested in contributing to this second book of the trilogy should send their writing – prophecy, poetry or song (and even history related to Celtic nations' Christian faith) – to me, Katey Moreland via email wordofthelordwp@gmail.com for consideration.

Up to five poems and songs can be submitted by an author/song writer (original work only).

Prophecies related to the Celtic lands in general and/or individual countries and areas. whether received or heard from another, may be sent. (If the prophecy was received by someone else, I will need to contact them for permission to publish it, unless it's ancient or already gives public permission on the public domain.)

Anyone wishing to contribute to a country or region’s history of faith should limit their writing to a maximum of 1000 words (no minimum).

Closing date: 24th July 2020

Abundant Blessings of Shalom (God’s peace),


Katey Moreland

The Word of the Lord Wine Press publisher




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